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Teaser on the exploratory trip to Lebanon

As part of the Municipal Know-how for Host Communities in the Middle East programme, from 5 to 17 November 2017 delegates from five municipalities in the western Allgäu region – Hergatz, Heimenkirch, Opfenbach, Amtzell and Gestratz– visited Lebanon to explore opportunities for project partnerships with actors from communities hosting Syrian refugees.

The exploratory trip was accompanied by a film team, who are currently using the footage to produce a documentary. The teaser provides an impression of what motivated the German municipalities to get involved, and what approach they are pursuing in order to provide support on the ground.

It also clearly shows how the face-to-face meeting of German and Lebanese municipalities prompts a lively exchange on the current challenges and ways of solving them. A full-length documentary on the trip should be available by early May.

Click here to watch the teaser.