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A look back at practitioners' workshop on local business development in the Middle East

Online-Workshop on 21 October 2020

In many countries of the Middle East, wars, humanitarian crises, displacement and COVID-19 have led to a dramatic deterioration in the economic situation, and further exacerbated existing economic and political crises. Lebanon is one example. It urgently needs reforms for instance to develop its social protection systems, diversify its economy, promote innovation and investment, and create jobs.

Municipalities can achieve a great deal in this regard. This became clear at the IKKN programme's virtual workshop on local business development on 21 October 2020. The 12 participants with partner municipalities in Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinian territories received up-to-date information on the economic situation in the region, and compared notes on ways of approaching work in their partnerships. Here they also drew inspiration from the notion of municipal partnership projects for local business development.

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