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Optimising cooperation with partner municipalities

Project management workshop of the Jordanian municipalities in Irbid

As part of the 'Municipal Know-how for Host Communities in the Middle East' programme, from 24 to 26 September 2019 experts from the Jordanian municipalities of Jerash, Gharb Irbid, Al Wassattiyah, Bani Kinana, Irbid, Deir Alla, Ajloun and Al-Juneid met in the Jordanian city of Irbid for a project management workshop. This meeting kicked off a series of other training and networking events for Jordanian and Lebanese municipalities over the following weeks.

The various units of the workshop transferred project management skills and capacities for different administrative processes within the project. During the workshop, participants performed exercises on needs analysis and data gathering for municipal projects, and on budgeting for small and medium-sized projects. Participants were also able to familiarise themselves with effective project planning tools and develop their capacities for project implementation, monitoring, assessment and reporting. They also discussed ways of effectively communicating within partnerships, and how to manage risks.

The aim of the workshop was to optimise cooperation within the Jordanian municipalities, and between them and their German partners. The Jordanian municipalities were provided with tools with which they can now work together effectively with their German municipal partners. This will broaden the joint basis for cooperation between the project partners, and increase the scope for the Jordanian municipalities to actively shape and manage the cooperation.

The workshop also gave the participants plenty of opportunity to share lessons learned. After the workshop they created a WhatsApp group so that they could share information and support. During the workshop the Municipality of Gharb Irbid had already decided to take concrete measures for professionalisation. Two new units will now be set up – a Women's Empowerment Unit and a Development & Training Unit. The municipality also intends to step up cooperation with the Greater Irbid Region. After the workshop the trainers also intend to keep in touch with the municipalities and support them with developing plans and studies.