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Managing project partnerships with German municipalities

At the network meeting in Beirut, delegates from Lebanese municipalities discussed the challenges of delivering essential local services.

The two-day network meeting of the Municipal Know-how for Host Communities in the Middle East (IKKN) programme, which was held in October in Beirut, set out to provide training and dialogue for Lebanese municipalities, and strengthen project partnerships with German municipalities. The two-day meeting was attended by 48 delegates from 19 Lebanese municipalities.

One thing which emerged very clearly at the network meeting in Beirut is that entering into and establishing a project partnership with a German municipality means, above all else, mutual learning. With regard to energy-saving street lighting or waste prevention and disposal, for instance, working with municipalities from Germany is worthwhile. Experts from various Lebanese ministries and non-governmental organisations gave their opinions on these and other topics.
Participants also devoted themselves to the topic of 'networking'. It was pointed out that in order to make sure international cooperation between municipalities works, municipalities, non-governmental organisations and ministries would need to work together more closely. Representatives of a wide variety of institutions and organisations therefore encouraged each other to mutually liaise more systematically and more frequently.

The meeting helped enable the participants to get to know each other better, as a result of which they are now motivated to further develop their existing cooperation. The foundations were laid for future project work.

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