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Dialogue on Municipal Engagement in the Middle East

In Magdeburg, participants discussed existing partnerships and the situation in the host countries Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

At the end of November a networking meeting took place in conjunction with a training workshop on the Middle East Quick-Starter Package. The target group included municipalities already involved in partnerships, as well as those interested in getting involved. Around 35 delegates from German municipalities took part in the three-day event, which was organised by the programme ‘Municipal Know-how for Host Communities in the Middle East’. 
The delegates compared notes on key areas and on the wider context of project partnerships with municipalities in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. They also discussed their experiences with implementing the Middle East Quick-Starter Package and handling the accounts under German budget law.
Participants workshopped issues of cooperation in the three countries and the main areas of expert exchange such as waste management, formal and informal education, local business development and social cohesion. 
Dr Salam Said's presentation on the situation of Syrian refugees in the three countries and their options for return met with keen interest and prompted numerous questions. The situation of refugees differs from country to country, but also depends on when people left Syria and what social background they had in their home country. Another topic discussed at the meeting was integrating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the know-how partnerships.
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