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CONNECTIVE CITIES’ new internet appearance

Pure Design, Strong Appeal, Human Scale – Topics, Services and Good Practices in Focus

The web-platform of the International Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Development ‘Connective Cities’ is in the new garment - from a technical point of view it features the latest trends in web-development, adapting automatically to a user’s device. The home page provides a much better overview of the news as well as current and future activities of Connective Cities, and also gives extensive information about the essence and focus of Connective Cities‘ work - bringing together practitioners and project managers, and enabling them to share good practices and pursue joint learning. The expanded services offer is now more precisely described and documented. Last, but not the least, the documentation pieces for both Dialog Events and Good Practices stand out in their visual appearance and clarity on the content. Connective Cities made it with a special message in mind, namely, that sustainable urban development is not a “rocket science”, but a continuous process, driven by dedicated people and for people.

Website Connective Cities