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Middle East Quick-Starter Package II

The “Middle East Quick-Starter Package II” addresses German municipal administrations and enterprises, municipal decision-making bodies as well as municipal associations and district administrations that as a rule have already initiated or established a town/city/project partnership with a municipality hosting Syrian refugees or with a host-municipality association in the Middle East.

The “Middle East Quick-Starter Package II” aims to support and strengthen the development engagement of German municipalities in municipalities hosting Syrian refugees in the Middle East. In project partnerships, municipalities from Germany and the partner countries develop project ideas on core municipal themes and sustainable development, and then implement them jointly in a partnership of equals. The host municipalities are to be supported in improving basic public services for the benefit of both the local population and the refugees. The aim is to strengthen development engagement in both municipalities and to support networking between the relevant actors.

Call for proposals 2020

Since 2018, the “Middle East Quick-Starter Package II” has been available to German municipalities, their municipal enterprises and other municipal actors and associations that wish to apply for financial support in order to expand project partnerships and implement partnership projects with municipalities hosting Syrian refugees in the Middle East region. The financial support is provided through Engagement Global/Service Agency Communities in One World on behalf of and with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Projects can be requested on an ongoing basis. The maximum term is  three years.  The size of the grant must be between 50,000 and 250,000 euros. The grant is granted as full financing. Funding through the “Middle East Quick-Starter Package II” is subject to the availability of budgetary resources. Detailled information please see in the disclosure.


We are happy to provide consultation via telephone or e-mail.

Luise Krumm (Project Leader)
Tel: 0228 20 717 328

Anke Müller (Project Coordinator)
Tel.: 0228 20 717 686