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Middle East Quick-Starter Package I

The “Middle East Quick-Starter Package I” is aimed at German municipalities who are already in project or municipal partnerships with host communities of Syrian refugees in the Middle East or who intend to found new project partnerships.

The objective of the quick-starter package is to encourage the commitment of German municipalities to development with host communities of Syrian refugees in the Middle East. Partnerships between German municipalities and host communities in the region are vital for this. The package focuses on the development and intensification of bilateral project partnerships. In project partnerships, municipalities from Germany and partner countries, develop project ideas about core municipal themes and sustainable development and then implement them jointly.

Call for proposals 2021

German municipal administrations, municipal policy bodies and municipal associations and district administrations are all eligible to apply. The only projects eligible for grants are those which concern municipal development policy. Municipal development policy is defined as the sum of resources and measures employed or undertaken by municipalities in order to promote global sustainable development in partner municipalities in developing countries.

Projects can be requested on an ongoing basis. The maximum term is 12 months. The measures must be implemented throughout the year. The size of the grant must be between 10,000 and 50,000 euros. The grant is granted as full financing. Funding through the “Middle East Quick-Starter Package I” is subject to the availability of budgetary resources.


We are happy to provide consultation via telephone or e-mail.

Luise Krumm (Project Leader)
Tel: 0228 20 717 328

Anke Müller (Project Coordinator)
Tel.: 0228 20 717 686