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German municipalities often have the expertise which is required locally. However, for municipalities in the Middle East, purposefully solving regional problems is often challenging. Bilateral project partnerships help to develop solutions, and to implement project ideas. Find out here who needs support, and who can offer help.


ID G190


Umm el-Jimmal Municipality


Municipal project partnership

areas of interest

  • Waste management
  • Energy efficiency, renewable energies
  • Other


Umm El-Jimmal areas are still without sewage systems and treatment plants. Many roads need maintenance. Umm El-Jimmal is a historical city whose potential has not yet been utilized. It has also been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage city. Wild lands could be used for agriculture. They could also be used for investment in renewable energy. Experiences in the field of municipal development cooperation and/or with international activities The municipality had had plenty of successful cooperation with many NGOs in the fields of community engagement, conflict mitigation, tourism, culture and many other sectors. (GIZ, USAID, Mercy Corps, UNDP, JOHUD and the World Food Program, NRC, etc.). The municipality of Umm El-Jimmal is now working on adding the ancient city in Umm El-Jimmal to the UNESCO World Heritage map. Technical Expertise: engineering department and environment department.

key figures

Umm el-Jimmal Municipality consists of five administrative areas: Umm el-jimmal (the center), Amra Wa Ameera, Al Saeediyah Wa Al Aqeb, Al Kawm Al Ahmar and Rawdant Al Ameera Bassma. There are 13 villages within the municipality's areas. Umm el-Jimmal Municipality is located within Al Badiyah Al Shamaliyah District in northern Jordan, approximately 17 kilometers east of Mafraq. It is primarily notable for the substantial ruins of a Byzantine and early Islamic town, which are clearly visible above the ground, as well as an older Roman village (locally referred to as al-Herri) located to the southwest of the Byzantine ruins. The municipality shares 36 kilometers with Syria and 9 Kilometers with Al Za'tari camp. the municipality of Umm el-Jimmal is providing services for 80,000 Syrian Refugees in Al Za’tari camp as 83% of the camp’s area is located in Umm el-Jimmal municipality. Major professional sectors: governmental sector, military, trading and agriculture. Size: 140.4 km²; Inhabitants: 52,630; Number of refugees: 23,000

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