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German municipalities often have the expertise which is required locally. However, for municipalities in the Middle East, purposefully solving regional problems is often challenging. Bilateral project partnerships help to develop solutions, and to implement project ideas. Find out here who needs support, and who can offer help.


ID A036


Mazraat Yachouh


Municipal project partnership

areas of interest

  • Energy efficiency, renewable energies
  • Health care
  • Public transport, mobility and traffic
  • Civil protection


We are looking for support in building a Sports, Youth and Cultural Facility Centre

key figures

In Mazraat Yachouh, 16 km away from Beirut, has 30,000 inhabitants. In recent years, the number of inhabitants has increased considerably. The climate is moderate. The city has 2 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. Mazraat Yachouh is industrially shaped by 450 small and medium-sized factories (including colours, silverware, plastics and foodstuffs). The banking sector is strongly represented with 12 different branches. Mazraat Yachouh has well-trained professionals, especially doctors, engineers, bankers and teachers. Agricultural activities are mostly limited to their own needs.

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